“There is no sincerer love than the love of food”
— George Bernard Shaw

Our menu changes all the time, so please check in often and spread the word!




(pork & shrimp, carrots, onion, celery. Served with a sinigang sweet & sour sauce)

the two buck taco
(as simple as it sounds, with your choice of chicken adobo, pork adobo or pork sisig)



Longanisa Grilled Cheese
(house made sausage, white bread, American cheese)

Pork Adobo grilled cheese
(braised pork, white bread, American cheese)

Chicken adobo grilled cheese
(braised chicken thigh, white bread, American cheese)


Hot Dog

Oxtail Chili Dog
(peanut braised oxtail, cotija cheese, garlic crema, black and red beans, cilantro)

Sisig Hot Dog
(pork ,fried egg, boston style bun, all beef hot dog, garlic crema, pickled red onion, chicharron)

Pork Adobo Hot dog
(braised pork, boston style bun, all beef hot dog, garlic crema, radish, green onion)

The B&S
(all beef hot dog, pork adobo, bacon, fried egg, green onion, house-made pickles, chicharrones and garlic crema)


Fries/ Tater Tots

(peanut braised oxtail, cilantro, cotija cheese, crema)

(pork, fried egg, red onion, chicharron, green onion, garlic crema)

Pork Adobo
(braised pork, radish, green onion, garlic crema)

(house made and 24-hour cured sausage, radish, green onion, jalapeño cream)

The Kalahati
(a 50/50 combination any two toppings, over choice your choice of fries or tots)


Beverages & Extras

Dem Pickles!
(persian cucumbers, organic carrots, Maui onions, jalapeño. 3 hour brine/24 hour cure.)

Calamansi Juice   •   Bottled Water   •   Soda

Hubad (naked) Fries or Tater Tots

Extra Egg

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