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Flashbacks to #ktownLA

So many awesome memories were had at our KTown LA location, the first home of Belly & Snout! Here’s a flashback to our food vlog feature, hosted by the Fung Bros (with special guests Liane V. and Richie Le).Grateful to all of you, for helping put us on the map! Read more →

Social Love !

We’re so grateful to all of the media support that has come our way over the years, via magazines, TV, IG, FB, Twitter and even YouTube!Here’s an awesome feature on our Rancho Cucamonga shop , courtesy of YouTuber geeneou5 . Make sure to give him a like and a subscribe!Thanks for the love! Read more →

thank you, ktown

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
- Walt Disney Today starts a new path, snout faithful. This Christmas Eve, after 2 and a half incredible years, we will be saying goodbye to our beloved KoreaTown location. We cannot thank the BEAUTIFUL and amazing city and people… Read more →


Memories of youth, our mutual fascinations with fear, and doing Mom & Nanay proud. These are all of the things that make Belly & Snout’s owner, Chef Warren Alemda, tick. Read on to learn more! What is the background/significance of the name? The belly & snout of a pig are the two main ingredients we use in our most popular item – Sisig.… Read more →

The Discussion Truck: Lets Talk…

  The concept of Filipino Fusion is nothing new to Chef Warren Almeda. In fact, it’s been in his cooking vocabulary for years. So, when the opportunity arose to start a restaurant in the culinarily-popular Koreatown LA area, Chef knew exactly what to serve. But how did it all start? Let’s Talk… Trained at the California Culinary Academy of San… Read more →

Let’s get some tail…

Oxtail, like many other foreign (now regarded as “exotic”) cuts of meat, was considered undesirable by upper class citizens. Discarded and left for trash, It became a protein source for the poor. Frying the meat was very tough to do, especially with it’s bone-to-meat ratio. Thus, the best preparation for cooking the tail was to braise or slow-simmer. What resulted… Read more →

let’s talk about longanisa

  The smell. The taste. The utter deliciousness. All key experiences that link up to the magic of longanisa, or filipino sausage. Similar to it’s spanish cousin, chorizo, longanisa comes in a variety of forms and flavors, depending on the region that it is prepared in. According to the Jun Belen, author of the IACP’s Best Culinary Blog nominated site,… Read more →

what is sisig?

It’s delicious, that’s what it is!  “sisig” is a term that, loosely, translates to “snack on something sour”. Contrary to popular belief, sisig is not actually the dish, but rather, the method of cooking (a la “stir-fry”). Anything can be made into sisig, but we all know which is the best….PORK! Here at Belly & Snout, we LOVE making pork… Read more →