Let’s get some tail…


Oxtail, like many other foreign (now regarded as “exotic”) cuts of meat, was considered undesirable by upper class citizens. Discarded and left for trash, It became a protein source for the poor. Frying the meat was very tough to do, especially with it’s bone-to-meat ratio. Thus, the best preparation for cooking the tail was to braise or slow-simmer. What resulted was a rich, tender and extremely flavorful stew, to which various aromatics were added, further extending a magnificent flavor.

While many spanish-speaking countries have used oxtail in their cooking, it is only in the Philippines that ground peanuts or peanut butter are incoroporated. Known as Kare-Kare (kar’eh kar’eh), this dish is one of the darlings of Filipno cuisine.

At B&S, Chef Warren takes the traditional Kare Kare recipe, and puts his unique culinary spin on it:

We use fresh oxtail and boil it with onions, black and pink peppercorn, bayleaf, salt, celery. We then cool it off and take off all the meat off the bones. We use our in house blend of different spices, onions, green bell pepper, and peanut butter. We let it braise for 4 hours until thick in consistency kinda like chili!

Come through and try it out!