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Let’s get some tail…

Oxtail, like many other foreign (now regarded as “exotic”) cuts of meat, was considered undesirable by upper class citizens. Discarded and left for trash, It became a protein source for the poor. Frying the meat was very tough to do, especially with it’s bone-to-meat ratio. Thus, the best preparation for cooking the tail was to braise or slow-simmer. What resulted… Read more →

let’s talk about longanisa

  The smell. The taste. The utter deliciousness. All key experiences that link up to the magic of longanisa, or filipino sausage. Similar to it’s spanish cousin, chorizo, longanisa comes in a variety of forms and flavors, depending on the region that it is prepared in. According to the Jun Belen, author of the IACP’s Best Culinary Blog nominated site,… Read more →